Insomnia Saturday, Mar 25 2006 

There was a girl who was still awake at midnight
She just couldn’t sleep – such was her plight!
And so she wrote a limerick,
But that turned out pretty sick –
“Will somebody please switch off the stupid light!”


100 not out Monday, Mar 20 2006 

Do not think, ‘Oh, why does she boast?’
Writing was something I’ve wanted to do most,
So, went the whole hog,
And got myself a blog –
Welcome, people, to my one hundredth post!

On posting 100 posts on my other blog!

Paint my life thus Wednesday, Mar 15 2006 

The first rain on a dry earth, ah the petrichor – fragrance of the highest!
You sent me a rainbow, when I only asked for rain!
Dew drop so perfect, the sparkle – a blush when the Sun sends a kiss.
Silky sky with cotton clouds, crumpled musings of a poet’s pen perhaps?
And the many hues of blue, pale here, periwinkle there and the bluest blue seas!
A sunrise, a moonlit night and the stars out of reach but in sight.
Flowers born at Your feet, a bouquet for me at my doorstep everyday!
Oh what a blessing my Lord, you found me worthy of these!

Golden for all the love, blue for the laughter,
Red for the smiles and white for the peace.
Yellow for a happy sunshine, green so I’m glad for all that is mine.
And last, a touch of black – for without it, there wouldn’t even be a white!
Heavenly painter with colors endless, paint my life thus.

The omnipresent kitchen knife Monday, Mar 13 2006 

Once there was a girl who was accident-prone –
Whatever she did, it always ended with her groan.
She cut herself today,
Like she does everyday
It’s a pity resistentialism won’t leave her alone!

What’s my issue with inanimate objects? Try reading this -> The chair or the bed?

To me (on Women’s Day) Wednesday, Mar 8 2006 

I’m not a burden anymore, not a big debt,
I’m better than a son, yeah, you bet!
I know what I want, I know how to get it.
And I’ll conquer all, sure, bit by bit.

Wife to a husband, sister to a brother,
Daughter to a mother, someday a mother,
Daddy’s little darling, that’ll always be me –
I can be all at the same time, I am a woman, you see.

I will reach great heights, endless and carefree,
Nothing in the world can defeat the girl in me!

Doctor doctor! Don’t give us a fright Please don’t… Monday, Mar 6 2006 

Doctor doctor! Don’t give us a fright
Please don’t take our ailments so light!
You’re on strike,
For want of a hike!
Said the doctor, ‘Let the Govt first treat ME right!’

Doctors’ strike threatens to spreada