On a girl… Tuesday, May 23 2006 

There was once a girl in Bloomingdale
She was shopping for a dress and a veil.
The dress was white,
And the veil, just right –
But alas, she now looked like Florence Nightingale!


Inspiration Wednesday, May 17 2006 

He looked at the sheaf of papers on his table. His accomplishment, he felt. It was his baby. It was the one big thing he had always wanted to do. His own book. He closed his eyes to savor the moment – he had just written the last chapter. The most exciting, most unexpected of all the chapters. He was sure he had a bestseller in his hands. “Mr.M, what was your inspiration to write this masterpiece?” “Sir, how many other offers have you got, now that your first book is a huge hit?” He could hear the reporters, jostling for space with their mikes and notepads. He could feel the heat of the camera flashes.

With a satisfied smile, he started to arrange the papers – he had done that umpteen times in the last 30 minutes, but somehow, he kept doing it again. Perfection, he called it.

He placed the papers inside a folder and almost reverently, kept it inside the cupboard.

He then turned to the assortment of open books on his table. All his favorite authors. His inspiration. Would they notice the similarities? He shrugged off the thought – you’re just being paranoid, he chided himself. They wouldn’t know. No one would. It was an art, plagiarizing. And he was the master artist.

On moving Tuesday, May 2 2006 

On Thursday (27 Apr, 2006):
For a long long time, one wish forever grew –
A little place of our own, ours through and through.
Many a sleepless night,
Only one thing in our sight,
We’re moving into our own house – finally, a dream come true!

On Sunday/Monday (30 Apr – 1 May, 2006):
Little did I know that a new house isn’t just a gain –
It came with much more – my prayers went in vain!
Pack and unpack,
My back went ‘cra-aa-ack’ –
Shifting to a new house is sure a big pain!

Rest of the week:
Boxes boxes everywhere, as far as eye can see!
Umpteen sacks and covers, alas! poor me!
This is so tragic,
I badly need magic –
Dear Lord, this is my prayer to thee!