Confessions Wednesday, Apr 25 2007 

You were right. It was all an act. A very elaborate one, at that.

You told me not to get carried away by those flowers and love notes. I chose not to hear you.

You told me he didn’t actually mean whatever he said. I thought you were just jealous I found someone.

You told me he’s not my type. I didn’t speak to you for 3 days.

You told me not to let him take advantage of my situation. I let him do just that.

You told me you knew another girl whom he hurt. I called you a liar.

You told me you found it difficult to see me doing the biggest mistake of my life, before you walked out of my house. I never called you back.

You were right.

He didn’t mean all that he said.

He’s not my type.

He took advantage of my loneliness.

There was another girl before me.

You told me all this. You’re right.

But then…

You never told me you were the other girl.


Tears Thursday, Apr 12 2007 

Like rain on a parched earth
The tears soothed her burning eyes
The burning eyes that sang a requiem
For all that was lost.
The words that went unspoken
Little whispers of love, love long forgotten
Those moments that will never be
The smiles that never were
That glance, that touch, those roses –
Those roses and the thorns they held.
The little thorn that pricked her finger
A bigger thorn that hurt her head
And the biggest of them all, the one that shred her soul
Now the thorns were gone, leaving withered roses in their wake.
Salty tears bid adieu to all that was
Salty tears bid adieu to all that could have been
An end for all ends,
An end for all the beginnings.