‘Prose and Verse’ is a collection of stories, short stories, amateur poetry and the occasional limerick. It’s like my draft book where I experiment with my own thoughts and images, try to cast them into words and stand back to see the effect it has on me and my readers. I’m a software engineer by profession and for better or for worse, this is kind of my creative outlet.

Most stories/poems here are inspired by incidents or scenes from my everyday life. A bit of my childhood, a bit of the present and a little bit about the future that I imagine for me and my family. They are all works of fiction, unless mentioned otherwise.

Your honest opinions are very sincerely appreciated in this space. I’m still learning, correcting myself and growing – and the only reason why I’m keeping it all public is so I can hear from you on how good or bad the writings are.

I do hope you enjoy reading this blog. And if you find it worthy of a bookmark, well, what can I say – Thank you! And do come by again.