The Stationery Shop Friday, Nov 30 2007 

Solemn eyes watched the pages fluttering in the wind
Empty pages of an empty life
Waiting for that first drop of ink –
A scribble or an accidental spill,
Anything to color the white.
Just then she walked in, looking forlorn herself
Wandering around, aimless and uninterested
And asked to buy the book.


To a little boy Tuesday, Aug 7 2007 

Your white crown of thorns, made of guaze
Own precious blood, redder than a ruby
Little hands adorned with tubes
Keeping you alive, killing you every day.
When was the last time you ran?
Might’ve been ages ago, I think.

You sit quietly, watching us walk by
I wonder what you’re thinking –
Perhaps you dream of a football field or a cricket ground
Or just a day with your mates, coloring and singing
I know the needles hurt you, I know you cry
I know your parents tell you to hang on
And I know you’re fighting your way out.

But, sweet child, you smiled when you saw me, a stranger
And it so broke my heart – and I see
You’re still just a little child
Trying to enjoy your wheelchair ride.

So, my little new friend, I wish you good health
Great laughs, junk food and naughty times
I’ll think of you when I pray tonight
Dear one, I’ll think of you when I pray every night.


(I was at the hospital today, waiting for the doc. And I saw this 3 yr old in a wheelchair, head bandaged, IV lines stuck in his arm, waiting in his wheelchair. The orderly came by and start wheeling him towards the room and the kid was so taken by it that he was smiling away to glory. I smiled back unknowingly, and his smile only grew bigger and became a full blown laugh.

I don’t know who he is. I might never see him ever again in my life. But tonight, my prayers are for that little kid who should’ve been on a playground chasing a football or something instead of being on a hospital bed, eating meds and having injections.)

Life, withered. Tuesday, Jun 26 2007 

The yellowing paper,
the frayed edges
fighting to hold the words together –
quite like her, one would think.
The shrivelling body,
faltering limbs
fighting to hold the memories
from disappearing
into the vast nothingness that had become her life.

The conquest Tuesday, Jun 19 2007 

I see you, mighty mountain towering above
Mocking me with unscalable heights
You, of hard stone and harder ice,
Of freezing climes and avalanching snow!

Behold now! I stand on your chest,
Frost bitten and tired, longing for
The warmth of a hearth and home.
But unbeaten nonetheless, for here I am,
Mere steps away from my conquest –
My conquest of not just your peak
But also your heart of stone.

Cringe in defeat, you gigantic brute!
For I shall overcome; the last few steps
Are harder still, but then so is my will.

I plod on, feet sinking in your ruthless slopes,
Skin burning with the cold from your depths.
A few more hours, I tell myself –
And then sweet victory will be mine.

That is when I finally see
Your master stroke, I believe, it will be!
A face as smooth as a skating rink,
Between me and your tallest peak.

I sink to my knees in utter defeat
I tell you, ‘I give up! Just let me be!’
Hot tears freeze on my cheeks, and the
Wail of a defeated spirit rends the air.

I gather myself for the lonely descent
And just as I turn, a small crevice, I see.
Just enough to gain a foothold
On your near blemishless wall of ice!

Fresh hope pervades a despaired heart
And onward I go in a newfound path
I slip, I miss but I scamper along
It suddenly feels like home, I wonder why.

At last as I stand on top of the world,
Alone and humbled, I kneel and kiss you –
For you won today, like you always will
For I won today, like I never have.

You made me fight, you made me give up
And then you showed me the way to your heart.

You put me through many a trial
And you pulled me out of many a trap.

You made me think you were impossible
But then you showed me how to get by.

My dear gigantic brute, I know
That I didn’t win over you.

My dear gigantic brute, I know
That I just won you over!

Tears Thursday, Apr 12 2007 

Like rain on a parched earth
The tears soothed her burning eyes
The burning eyes that sang a requiem
For all that was lost.
The words that went unspoken
Little whispers of love, love long forgotten
Those moments that will never be
The smiles that never were
That glance, that touch, those roses –
Those roses and the thorns they held.
The little thorn that pricked her finger
A bigger thorn that hurt her head
And the biggest of them all, the one that shred her soul
Now the thorns were gone, leaving withered roses in their wake.
Salty tears bid adieu to all that was
Salty tears bid adieu to all that could have been
An end for all ends,
An end for all the beginnings.

A Path Wednesday, Mar 21 2007 

Lost in trance, on a deserted path
My feet kept moving, which way? I knew not.
There were no crossroads, no twists or turns
Just a hypnotic stretch of tar, as far as eye can see.
There were no other passers-by, no bird no animal –
I was alone, at peace with my world and theirs.
The trees stood around me in a bare-armed embrace,
Autumn had wreaked havoc, and Spring was still far away.
Those brown leaves crumpled under my feet,
Like memories of yore, trampled by tomorrow’s worries.
I walked and I walked, my feet never hurt one bit!
I stopped to say hello to the little wild flower behind the rock,
I nodded a ‘goodday’ to the golden bee on the next!
I lost track of how far I’d come, how far I’d strayed
There was an unending path, behind and ahead.

Shortly, I came upon a milestone, a muddy stump of wood
That showed a meaningless number to nowhere.
Was that my destination? Is that how far I’m supposed to go?
Who would tell me that? How would I know?
I looked at the way I’d come and
Found it no different than the way I was to go!
Then how did the number on the milestone matter, I wondered.
To my left was barren land, littered by rocks and bush
Lay a corn field to my right, lush with golden crop.
There would be a village there not far away, and
There would be a farmer who would surely cross my way
He could tell me where I could go, he could give me bread and water too.

But I was not tired, my feet were still raring to go and
I was curious where the bleak landscape would lead to.
So off I went to my left, towards the wild unknown
I tripped on the rocks, and slipped on the sand but
My feet never wavered, my mind never in doubt
I walked on where a path never existed.
I reached a summit, where the land became rougher
Tougher journeys lay ahead, but without the milestones.

I paused and looked back, to see the way I’d come
And my heart was filled with immense joy –
For now, a path I could see, the path I’d trodden by.

The Mind Friday, Feb 2 2007 

I want this and I want that
I’d love a bit more of this, this and that
I wanna go here, I wanna go there
But sometimes I dont wanna go anywhere
I’d like to see you, I’d like to do this
I feel like eating anything, but this
I want a diamond, I want some gold
I actually want everything being sold
I love you, I hate you
I can tolerate you, but not you
I cant control this, I cant resist it
And one day you start losing me, bit by bit.

You’re called insane ‘coz you don’t have me
You’re put in an asylum, alas! they don’t see!
If you have me, it is but to lose
Around your neck, tightens the noose
It’s a problem if you have me, it’s a problem if you don’t
Without me you’re mindless; you think you will manage? Oh no, you won’t!

The Mouse Tuesday, Jan 30 2007 

Once upon a time, on an island with a lighthouse
Lived a teeny weeny mouse, in a little mouse house.
He slipped on a pea,
And fell in the sea!
Moral? Peas could be injurious, if you’re a teeny weeny mouse.

Life Thursday, Jan 18 2007 

I’m not real.
Just a mirage, a shadow that disappears with the fading light.
All that you hear about me is inconsequential –
For he who truly knows me cannot speak about me.
The me that you see is irrelevant –
For I’m not what you see, I’m much more and a lot less than that.
Anything you know about me is obsolete –
I’m ever-changing, morphing into forms you cannot fathom.
I’m not where you search for me,
I’m not what you wish me to be.
Cry all you want, laugh while you can
Despair, lose your hopes and question your faith
I will still remain the enigma that I am
For better or for worse.

The flower and the bee Wednesday, Jul 12 2006 

The little flower said to the bee,
‘Oh, how you buzz away, always so free.’
Said the bee to little flower blue,
‘I’m never free, I have work to do!’

‘But you’re still not tied down,
To the hard earth so brown!
Up, up and away you fly
Reaching high to the deep blue sky.’

‘Ah, but that is far from true,
My dear little flower, so blue –
I can fly high on a day so sunny,
But come down, I must, for your sweet honey!’

You can take the kid out of kindergarten, but you cannot take kindergarten out of the kid.

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